Roxanne Permesly - Sarasota therapist and counselor specializing in individual therapy, couples counseling, family counseling and therapy, as well as family court services for parents and children
Roxanne Permesly - Counselor and Therapist in Sarasota Florida

Education and
Roxanne Permesly, LMHC completed her degrees at Tufts University and Boston University with an emphasis on child development and counseling. She and her husband, Dr. Scott Permesly, a board certified psychiatrist, relocated to Sarasota in 1990

Couples and
Family Counseling
The ability to have a trusting safe relationship is paramount to successful treatment. A good therapist must be able to listen and to understand, and then convey this understanding in a caring manner.


Family Court
Services for
Parents & Children
Whether a family is dealing with adoption, divorce, or reunification, court involvement is part of the process. It is important that the issues and dynamics within the family, as a whole, and each individual are valued and assessed. 


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As a therapist, it is my task to join with you to tackle your issues of concern. Sometimes these are situational. Other times you have become aware of a pattern or trend that continually gets in your way. An empathetic environment must be created in which you can truly share and be heard. Then, the therapist can offer the insights and suggestions, so you may begin to unravel and solve the problems. It is a process.

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